Ekaterina Pryanichnikova, artist, photographer

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2019 - 2021 Master in Digital Art, Far Eastern
Federal University
2016 - 2019  Rodchenko art School, Moscow
2015 - 2016 Academy of Documentary Photography “Photography”,
St. Petersburg
2009 - 2010 School of Cinematography, Moscow
2006 - 2011 Russian State Social University, Moscow

Personal exhibitions
2017, “Precession”, Rodchenko art School
2012, “Resident of Silence”, Mytishchi Art Gallery

Group exhibitions
2020, “The Rule of Exclusivity”, Ekaterina Foundation, Moscow
2020, “Technologies of complicity”, FEFU, Vladivostok
2020, "Trained Machines", Electromuseum, Moscow
2019, "Pros and Cons", ARTplay, St. Petersburg
2019, “On the verge”, Electrozavod Gallery, Moscow
2019, “Blind Spot”, Ekaterina Foundation, Moscow
2019, “Reminiscence”, Ostavinska galerija, Belgrade
2018, “Manifestation”, Center for Contemporary Art Winery
2018, “Communications”, Belgrade, Kwaka22 Gallery
2018, “Cool meeting”, Winery
2018, “Unfreedom”, Gilyarovsky Center, special program of the Biennale
young art
2018, “Pilgrimage for Garages”, DorDor Gallery
2017, Emma, ​​Pluto, Moscow
2016, “Lose-Find”, Scriabin Museum, video art festival
2016, “Finger in the Sky”, Documentary Photography Academy
"Photograph", St. Petersburg
2016, “Diary: my life and me”, Multimedia Art Museum
2015, “Exhibition in the Forest”, Pushkino, a project of a young conceptual
of art
2013, “Communication”, spontaneous exhibition, Moscow, Zlatoustinsky Lane
2011, “Earth”, Korolev “Club”
2009, “Night of the Dead Photography”, Cultural Center “HOUSE”

Curatorial projects
2019, “Reminiscence”, Ostavinska galerija, Belgrade
2018, “Unfreedom”, Gilyarovsky Center, special program of the Biennale for Young
of art
2018, “Permeability”, as part of the Unification festival, Moscow

The project "TAKEOFF" announced the winners of the fourth All-Russian creative

Diploma exhibition of graduates of the School of Photography and Multimedia. Rodchenko
REMINISCENCE. Experimental Hand Printing Techniques
Direct photo: diary and self-portrait. Workshop of Igor Mukhin
Author's photo book market
Exhibition by Ekaterina Pryanichnikova Arbores Oculorum
Master class from the participants of the exhibition “Manifestation” at the Rodchenko School

Artist's books
Blue book, 10 copies
Arbores Oculorum, hand-printed books, 2 copies

Works in collections
Multimedia Art Museum, Mytishchi Art Gallery, private collections

Russian (native), English (A1), French (A1)