Ekaterina Pryanichnikova, 1989. Born in the city of Pushkino, Moscow Region.
Graduated from the Rodchenko Art School and Master's degree "Digital Art" in FEFU.

Focuses on experimental manual printing techniques and unconventional image creation. Uses differant matherials and tools, combining old media and technologies.

«I like to create envirement, which can be unpredictable, may be eccentryc, exstraordinary, exiting. I don't get stuck in one medium of exspression, i like bold and unexspected solution».

She works as a solo artist and also collaboration with Alexander Serechenko. Their duet is called Gray Cake.
Topics are: nature, time, death, opposition human & machine, transformation of social roles.

Works are in the collection of MAMM, Mytishchi Art Gallery and in private collections. She has participated in many group and international exhibitions since 2009. Winner of the competition "RISE" in the direction of "Contemporary Art". Member of the Creative Union of Artists in the section "Newest Trends".

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